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How do I short-link products on Amazon (.de/.fr/.es/.it)?


You can use chimty,me allow to create free url shortner.

It’s supported country and device base url.

If your amazon affiliate link base on Canada and USA in that case you have to create 2 different url to make commission. If some one click from canada and click amazon USA affiliate link you will not make commission.

chimty,me  supported country base url but your final short url will be one.


your Final URL is =

this system automatically redirect to USA affiliate link if someone click from USA

if click from CANADA it’s redirect to amazon canada.

It’s also supported Device base URL redirection.



How can you earn $10,000 in a month?

Here’s a list of 10 ways to make $10K per month:

  • Become a freelance email copywriter and get 4 clients to pay you a $2,5000 per month retainer to write emails for them.
  • Buy a couple Udemy courses on marketing automation and sell this service to clients via Upwork (Huge demand for ActiveCampaign and Facebook ad expertise)
  • Buy and flip Fiverr services
  • Start a Facebook Ad Agency. All you need are 5 clients paying $2K per month and you can easily get them by sending cold emails
  • Sell your own info product on Youtube. You don’t even need a big list (I made $5K+ per month selling to a channel of less than 1K subs)
  • Cold approach 100 women. Then take what you learned and bundle it into a dating manual you can sell on Clickbank (you can make way more than $10K doing this)
  • Start a high ticket affiliate marketing business with $1K payout. All you need are 10 customers to purchase from your link per month
  • Become an SEO agency and sell you services for $1K to ten businesses. If you put in the work you can get to this within 60 days.
  • Try Kindle Publishing. I never got to $10K per month but I did make a solid $5K or so. (you don’t even need to write the books yourself)
  • Try domain flipping. Just sell 10 good domains for $1K.
  • BONUS: do creative real estate where you buy and flip homes with other people’s money.
  • Create blog and tools website and publish google adsense ads

There are virtually infinite ways to make $10K per month.

The question really is: what do you see yourself comfortable doing to get there.

All the methods I listed above worked, and I’ve made money with at least half of them.

But NOT every one fit my aptitudes, preferences, and lifestyle desires.

For instance, I’m not big on real estate, and don’t care to do house deals, so I never really got into this.

But I LOVE working from home on my laptop just a few hours a day, and I love creating info products that change people’s lives.

So I stick to that and turn my blinders on to every other shiny object.

Make sense?

Pick something you see yourself doing and just run with it at least 60 - 90 days.

I’m most certain you’ll start to see results and $10K will be right around the corner.



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